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The Blue Rajah: A Chronicle

... because life isn't all that depressing after all (or is it?) ...

Welcome and Introduction

Thanks for dropping by. This is a collection of notes on a journey, a journey by one few know and none knew: The Blue Rajah. It chronicles the Blue Rajah's entry into divine tranquility and abrupt disillusionment with the material world. It describes and details the brokenness of this world. More than anything, it essentializes a Person. And that, as Sartre and Foucault would tell us, is the greatest crime of all.

Word to the Wise

Thursday, August 18, 2005
This testimony from a personal friend was powerful enough to deserve posting: "In a Heideggerian Russo-German philological/philosophical fusion of world horizons, I could affirm -- or say 'yes' to -- Being only through an act of 'Da-Sein.'"

I would shed a tear of Joy for this personal friend, but that would only betray both beneficence and emotion. Forgive me.

My Word. My Will.


Wednesday, August 17, 2005
Spoons and forks to all (but not from abroad).

I'm not a heretic. I just reject (nearly) all orthodox teachings of Scripture, the church, and every xtian I've ever known. But it must remembered that categories like "accept," "reject," "orthodox," "heretic," and the like are all inherently dichotemies. And like all dichotemies, they are subject to Derrida's radical critique: they are either false and libelous or trivial and pointless.

To put the point more carefully, I neither accept nor reject any orthodox teaching of Scripture or the church. I neither accept nor reject, in fact, the very speech act of acceptance or rejection.

In (rejecting? accepting?) these traditional categories,my performative utterance successfully opens up a discurve space for counterhegemonic resistance. Granted, its reterritorialization unfortunately embeds a brand of essentialism. Queer theory lends us the proper politico-ideological lens of analysis, whereby it becomes clear that the patriarchal perpetutation of the man-as-masculine, woman-as-feminine, true-as-true, false-as-false binary is necessary to sustain heteronormativity. Surely we ought to acknowledge just as much the role of the bivalent logic in marginalizing the voices of the few?

Forgive me.

The Blue Rajah

Too Scared to Fall

You know those people who say that "God is really breaking me?" They tend to say that a lot. Try every weekend. The proper response to such behavioural patterns seems obvious. "If you're always being broken, maybe you're doing something wrong!"

But this line, too, in all its compassionate wisdom is mistaken. The Law never saved anyone. Obsession with right and wrong, too, is mistaken. My Word. My Will. Let these be my watchwords.

Logos, sans Nomos.

The Blue Rajah

My Word

Tuesday, August 16, 2005
Some say we should turn to others and their countless books for consolation, for doctrine, for reproof, and for comfort (II Timothy 3:16). In troubling times, this is tempting indeed (Jeremiah 14:3).

But there is something even better, to know the self and love it for what it is: everything. In the words of The Poet, "my word is a lamp unto my feet/and a light unto my path" (Psalm 119:105). It is true that the Psalms are only deceptive in the sweet words of comfort they offer. Looking beyond their mere words gives me a chance at being more than a passive reader, though. The Author has been dead for a century (and it was not Derrida who told us this); it is time now for another to ascend to the throne.

This ascendancy is, as Sartre would tell us (Being and Nothingness II), life itself.

The Blue Rajah

Tuning In to the Divine

Monday, August 15, 2005
"God" is only a name for the reality we grasp at (all too) desperately. That I see this all too clearly has become for me both a calling and a curse. But who am I to say that the divine is not within, around, and about me? Such arrogance would be too much for this broken soul.

The Blue Rajah

New Age, New Me

The enoncé previously mentioned has bound me and freedom remains elusive. I like it, but it's good. To grasp this is to grasp the analytic of finitude, in all its unbound glory. This is man, and this is me. Now Althusser tells us that this discourse is, strictly speaking, nonsense. I find that idea itself nonsense, and find that Foucault was right to repudiate his former teacher on these very grounds. Like Michel, I in the same breath turn to Deleuze and find in him a new intellectual mentor and friend.

To be sure, "A good idea is a good idea forever. Philosophy." - David Brent (Friend first, Boss second, Entertainer third, and a Philosopher too.) Some spend their Sunday mornings going to church. I spend mine mining for grand quotes like this. It is time well spent.

And now autobiographically, I look toward the matter immediately at hand. I felt a voice moving in me today, and it said to move with it. So moved we did. The joy I felt at such motion was immeasurable. Be the voice god or demon, it has charmed me like a snake, a poisonous snake mind you, sans biting. This is a reflection of how I think of the world as a whole. It sings a song (but not for me) and in that song I, too, find a part to sing.


The Blue Rajah

Recalled to Life

Sunday, August 14, 2005
To my Critics,

Fork you. No more spooning for your kind. Several have issued a series of whining complaints and increasingly shrill polemics in response to my kind remarks below.

A year later, I must confess; I have changed. I don't wear glasses (or kid gloves) anymore. This is for the pathological liars, paranoid fantasy-dwellers, and incompetent partisan hacks who disagree with me and thereby broadcast disinformation:

The dilemma is simple: They are either criminally dishonest or stark raving morons. To suggest otherwise is to cave in to egotistical and doctrinaire ideology divorced from all reality. Indeed, it is the first step down a very short path leading to the liquidation of the Kulaks, the killing fields of Kampuchea, and the murder of millions of others by my opponents' ideological soul-mates.

We can thank our lucky stars that the snarling con men and intellectual buffoons of those who dislike or disagree with my righteous remarks have not yet succeeded in making a real dent in academia. To join ranks with them is nothing but professional suicide.

An update is in order. My delightful divorce has been final for 10 months now. Sweet sweet freedom is mine at last. If only I were not chained to this infernal interblogowebosphere. It binds me so. One day I will be lifted up and raised to shine in the sky--by love alone. Love for self. Love for time. Love for life (but not the life of others).

Until then,

-The Blue Rajah


Wednesday, September 01, 2004
I depart now.

Reports to resume within the year. I trust that news will be uplifting and promising.

Should I not blog within the year, you will know that I have joined The All into a Oneness of Energy and Light. I will have become Death Itself and in that becoming, been.

Sounds like fun.


Everything I Hate

Monday, August 23, 2004
Spoons and Forks To All from Abroad,

How I loath the glasses I find myself occasionally donning. They serve only one purpose: to distract me from the Home I Long For with the empty shadows of this world.

I call on you: shatter them, break them, and break all else but me. Pain, it seems, is the only purifying medium available to mortals. I long to bring it to others, that they may forget the material shackles that enslave and blind them.

I reject all that is not transcendent. Be it so; it will only fade and fail. This approach is loathsome to some, but only, I suspect, because they remain blinded by words. Look beyond words, friends, to see the Word Himself. He Is, but not what or how you think He Is. God is a Person, but not with a body. God is a person, not a collection of utterances. God Is.

On a more personal note, I have continued to progress well in my path. Thank you for your positive energy. It does more for me than any empty "prayer" could.

Unbroken (but not unbreakable) I stand,

-The Blue Rajah

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